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Exhibiting Intelligence

Events are only one touch point in an ongoing, multi-channel conversation between brands and their customers. You need to be smarter than ever to justify your spend and deliver ROI - that's where we come in. Atlantic can develop a customized approach to reduce unnecessary expenditures, improve program performance and integrate data + analytics.

Digital Engagements


Imagine the power of having your entire team be able to share important data about a potential prospect as soon as they walk into your space. You can action on those leads before they leave your exhibit by providing e-collateral and engaging in follow-up actions. Your off-site marketing team can also manage and track all of that information. And at the end of every show, you will have full reports that will allow you to determine the benefit of your show expenditures. That’s powerful information! Whether you need a fully customized digital integration or a simpler, ready-to-go implementation, Atlantic offers a full range of digital engagement solutions to fit your needs.

  • Our Exclusive ageNT App – a ready-to-use tablet, touch screen and table application that brings digital engagements to any event program. Click here to download a product sheet.
  • Technology Integration & Lead Capture Consultation – we advise and implement the right technology solution, from apps to interactives and more

Event Program Auditing and Training Services

We can also help you examine your overall exhibit marketing program to make sure that you are getting the most out of your event spend.

  • Program Audit - audit your spend and ensure you're not paying too much for show-related costs
  • Show & Space Selection - negotiate the best space at the right show
  • Pre-show and Promotional Marketing - leverage all of your marketing channels to maximize the time spent face-to-face
  • Booth Staff Training - train the right staff behaviors for your exhibiting goals
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting - collect and interpret your data, and deliver the reports that help you make the right decisions
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