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Case Study: Experian Health – Custom Rental Program

Experian HIMSS 2017Objectives:

Experian Health came to Atlantic looking for a partner that could provide them tremendous flexibility for their exhibit program. They exhibit at multiple shows and in a variety of footprints during their event season. At each show, they entertain attendees through a series of engagements that vary from an open bar to a caricature artist.


Our team worked on a custom rental program for Experian Health. By utilizing a visual vocabulary of different components, we were able to design a consistent look into the program so that no matter what size exhibit space, the solutions would “feel” like an Experian Health exhibit but without the cost of ownership associated. Multiple group and individual presentation and demo areas were incorporated to allow attendees to experience the many offerings provided by Experian Health. They also wanted a private conference room that could be resized based on needs and event space. Recently, Experian Health included a digital lead management system into their event marketing program to help to better understand the needs of attendees and get them requested information quickly.


The rental program has been highly successful for Experian Health over the past couple of show seasons. They have been able to expand into different spaces with little need for redesign. Their digital platform trial just concluded at HIMSS to a potential audience of over 40,000 attendees. Analytics from the trial show that over 60% of the leads captured in their exhibit had additional notations and requests for information and attendees included roles in the C-suite, Directors and VPs.

Services Provided: